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Certification will take your career to the next level. Choose one of our programs and specialize in an exciting new field!
Dr. Carol Clark is a Board Certified Sex Therapist and Addictions Professional, president and senior instructor at the Therapy Certification Training Institute and is the author of Addict America: The Lost Connection
Sex Therapy Training Institute (STTI) website. We are pleased you have chosen to learn more about the finest, most comprehensive training programs available today.
CAP training for interns and licensees to qualify for the ICRC exam.
ITCA’s mission is to provide credentialing, standards of practice, professional identity, and self-regulation for service providers of the transgender community.



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Certification serves the purpose of:

♦ Protecting the public.

♦ Assuring consumers that practitioners have met standards of practice.

♦ Meeting the requirements of professional boards and other certifying bodies.

♦ Advancing the profession.

♦ Enhancing a professional’s practice and developing a marketing niche.

♦ Demonstrating an individual’s commitment to their profession.

TCT provides the credentials to healthcare professionals according to high standards of academic instruction, supervised training and consultation, and applied skills in field settings.

TCT offers education and supervision in six categories of certification:

Requirements for each certification include education in specific core areas and supervised work experience.

Certification is granted by the specific Board of Directors for each category:

Sex Therapy Certification Board

Florida Certification Board

International Transgender Certification Board



Continuing Education provided by Dr. Carol L. Clark.

Florida Department of Health, Medical Quality Assurance Provider #50-550/BAP585.

Florida Board of Nursing, expires 10/15

Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling, expires 3/15

Florida Board of Psychology, expires 5/16

Florida Certification Board #5094-A

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) #11-112B


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